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Tombstone Tuesday: The Rose Memorial

Although this isn’t a tombstone over a grave as such, it is three tablets of gravestones actually high on the wall of St. Nicholas Church, Lower Winchendon, Buckinghamshire which are inscribed with many details about various members of the Rose family who are buried “in the Vault beneath”.

As they are high on the wall it is difficult to photograph them clearly enough to be able to read the inscriptions, but we also took a video film of this and I was able to transcribe it from that.

Photo in my collection but taken by R. Herbstreit - copyright 2010

The transcription for this Memorial is as follows:

Rose Memorial in St. Nicholas Church, Nether Winchendon, Bucks


(1st Tablet)


In the Vault beneath was

deposited the remains of


Wife of Mr. Thomas Rose Esq


also of Jane (unreadable)



also of John, son of John Rose

of Grey’s Inn, London, Gentleman (unreadable)

of the said Thomas and Susannah Rose

and Elizabeth his Wife



Aged 8 months

also of Catherine the only child of

the said Jane by her (unreadable)

and died the (unreadable)

Aged 2 Years and ? Months

also of Mary Lowe(?) (unreadable – possibly the daughter of)

Thomas and Susannah Rose

of The Temple, London

who died the 22nd of December 1800

Aged 29 Years


The Remains of Elizabeth second Wife of

the said Thomas Rose who died

the 24th of March 1800 aged 60 Years were

her own desire to be interred near her Relations

on the South Side of the Church Yard


The said Thomas Rose died ye 3rd February 1809 Aged

68 Years & his Remains are deposited in the same Vault

All the Sons of the said Thomas and Susannah

namely Thomas, John, Richard, William and Joseph

and their fourth and youngest Daughter Anne who

married Mr. Richard Rose Junr. survive them

Their eldest Daughter Elizabeth who married

Mr. Thomas Randolph died the 2nd of December 1798

Aged 36 Years and was buried at Long Crendon.


(2nd Tablet)


In Memory of

Mr. Thomas Rose

eldest Son of

the late Thomas and Susannah Rose

who died a Bachelor

the 27th(?) September 1810(?)

Aged 49(?) (could be 19?)

And of

William Rose

Their Fourth Son

who died a Bachelor

the 14th of July 1833

Aged 39(?) Years (could be 59?)

And of

Richard Rose

Their Third Son

died the 15th of June ?

Aged 71 Years

John Rose, Their Second Son

Died 4th July 1842

Aged 74 Years and was buried

near his wife at Saint Clement’s

Danes, London



The remains of

(unreadable) Constance Rose

Eldest daughter of William

Rose Esquire and Martha his wife

who died 30th September 1854

Aged 13 Years

He was the Youngest Son of

Joseph and Louisa Rose

This William Rose

A Barrister of the Middle (could be Temple?)

Died 30th April ?? Aged 44(?) Years

leaving the said Martha his Wife

and eight surviving children

His remains are in the same Vault



 (3rd Tablet)


Anne Youngest Daughter of the said

Thomas and Susannah Rose

and wife of Richard Rose Junr.

Died 13th(?) November 1818(?) Aged 40 Years

William Second Son of the said

Richard and Anne Rose

Died 15th(?) August 1804 Aged 6 months

Four children of Joseph Rose

(youngest son of the said

Thomas and Susannah Rose)

and Louisa his Wife died in infancy viz.

Harriet Elizabeth 26th April 180?

Aged 11 months

Mary 5th(?) December 1805 Aged 5 months

Thomas Joseph 16th(?) June 1807

Aged 4(?) months

Louisa ? January 1815 Aged 6 months

Three other children of the said

Joseph and Louisa Rose viz.

Anne who died 21st(?) Novr. 1829 Aged 18 Years

Susanna Louisa who died 17th Oct 1831

Aged 28 Years and

Jane who died 3rd July 1833 Aged 25(?) Years

and their Mother the same Louisa Rose

who died 29th Febry. 1832 Aged 53 Years

was buried in a Vault in St. Mary’s Church


Their Father the same Joseph Rose

died ? Oct(?) 1858 aged 30(?) Years and

was buried in the Vault in this Churchyard


There is a tremendous amount of information on these stones, even if some of it is difficult or impossible to decipher.  And the naming of all the different children for different couples is just so very helpful too.  If only many other tombstones were this informative!! 

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