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Tombstone Tuesday: Ivy Covered Tombstones

When we were taking photographs in Mithian churchyard in May, I couldn’t help thinking that some of the tombstones with ivy growing over them looked a little quaint and ethereal, so for today’s Tombstone Tuesday I am including this photo:

original photograph taken by me at Mithian in May 2010 - copyright 2010

These tombstones are not those of any ancestors of my partner or me, but we tried to transcribe them anyway.  It was very difficult mainly because of the ivy growing over two of them but also because time and weather has etched away some of the inscriptions.

As you look at the photo, the tombstone on the left is for:

David Collins

of Mithian

…(?)  Decr. 10th 190?

aged 47(?)

nearer the bottom it also says something about recognition of service, but is very difficult to read exactly what service.  We shall have to go back and try to read it again.

The middle tombstone is so covered by ivy we could not read it at all!

The tombstone on the right is for:

William Henry

and sadly, that is all we could make out.